Working Papers


[Apr 2022] "On Syntactic Tenselessness in Singlish: Evidence from Eventivity" at CLS58, Apr 22 - 24, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. [Poster]

[Jan 2022] "(Non-)optional wh-movement in Singlish" at LSA Annual Meeting, Jan 6 - 9, Washington D.C., USA. [Presentation]

[Apr 2021] "No agreement: Singlish subjects are Topics" at GLOW 44 2021, Apr 15 - 17, GLOW Board [Flash talk]

[Apr 2021] "Agreement-drop in Singlish: Subject to Topichood" at WCCFL 39 2021, Apr 8 - 11, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA. [Poster]

[Feb 2021] "Variable Conjunct Agreement in Qaraqalpaq" at TU+6 2021, Feb 19 - 20, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; with Sarah Asinari [Flash talk]

[Jan 2020] "Tenselessness in Singlish: Lost in Contact." at the Annual Winter Meeting of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics at the LSA Annual Meeting 2020, January 2 - 5, New Orleans, LA, USA. [Presentation]

[Aug 2019] "Singlish Sekali : What if it's like doch" at GLOW in Asia XII & SICOGG 21 2019, Aug 7 - 9, Dongguk University, Seoul, S. Korea. [Poster]

Journal Articles

[2022] "On agreement-drop in Singlish: topics never agree." Glossa. [link]


[2023] "The Double Life of 'Subjects' in Singlish" at the 2023 NTHU Linguistics Forum Workshop on Syntax and the syntax and semantics of Austronesian and Southeast Asian languages, Nov 11, National Tsing Hua University. 

[2021] "(Non-)optional wh-movement in Singlish" at NUS Syn/sem Reading Group, Oct 27, NUS.

[2020] "Questions about Questions (but in Singlish)" at UConn Linguistics Graduate Roundtable X, Dec 5, UConn.

[2020] "Subject-to-Topichood in Singlish" at ECO-5, Feb 22, Harvard.

[2020] "Subject to Topichood in Singlish" at UConn LingLunch, Feb 11, UConn.

[2019] "Too small a problem, too large an issue" at UConn Linguistics Graduate Roundtable IX, Dec 7, UConn.

[2019] "Tenselessness in Singlish" at UConn LingLunch, Nov 5, UConn.

[2018] "Variable Variable Binding and Wholesale Late Merger" at UConn Linguistics Graduate Roundtable VIII, Dec 8, UConn.

[2018] "Sekali in Singlish: What if it's not what if?" at SNEWS, Dec 2, UMass Amherst.

[2018] "Dissecting Singlish Sentence-Final Particles"at UConn LingLunch, Sep 4, UConn.


Conference Proceedings

[In press] "Agreement-drop in Singlish: Subject to Topichood." Proceedings of WCCFL 39. University of Arizona.

[2023] "On Syntactic Tenselessness in Singlish: Evidence from Eventivity." Proceedings of CLS 58. University of Chicago. [link]

[2021] "Variable Conjunct Agreement in Qaraqalpaq." Proceedings of TU+ 6. University of Toronto; with Sarah Asinari. [link]

[2019] "Singlish Sekali: What if it's like doch?" Proceedings of the 12th Generative Linguistics in the Old World & the 21st Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar, ed. Sae-Youn Cho, 477-486, Dongguk University, Seoul, S. Korea. [link]


[BA Thesis] "A nanosyntactic approach to sentence-final particles in Singlish: a cartographic perspective"; Supervisor: Yosuke Sato; [link]

[Dissertation] "At the edge of contact: Insights into Universality from Singlish"; Advisor: Željko Bošković